What is a summary for Chapters 4-7 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

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CHAPTER 4.  The chapter begins near the end of the school year. One day when Scout "raced by" the Radley House, something shiny caught her eye. It turns out to be several pieces of chewing gum partially hidden in a knothole of the Radley oak. Several days later, another gift is found--Indian Head pennies. When Dill returns to Maycomb, the children soon grow tired of play-acting their Rover Boys scenes, so Dill comes up with an idea for new entertainment: The Radley Game.

CHAPTER 5.  The children are still obsessed with Boo Radley, so Scout decides to ask Miss Maudie about Boo. Miss Maudie is Scout's favorite neighbor, and Maudie assures Scout that Boo is very much alive and "spoke nicely" to her when he was younger. The children come up with a new plan to make contact with Boo. Jem decides to place a note on the end of a fishing pole and place it on the window sill of the Radley House. But Atticus catches them in the act, telling them to "stop tormenting that man."

CHAPTER 6.  Jem and Dill decide to try another way of getting a glimpse of Boo. One night, the three children sneak into the back yard of the Radley House and creep up on the back porch, hoping to get a peak of Boo inside the back window. But when a shadow suddenly appears, the three children run away, with Jem losing his pants on the Radley fence. Mr. Radley fires a shotgun blast as they depart, and when Jem joins the other neighbors in the street, Miss Stephanie discovers that Jem is pantless. Dill saves the day, explaining that he had won them from Jem playing "strip poker." Afterward, Jem returns to the fence, where he finds his pants waiting for him.

CHAPTER 7.  Jem reveals to Scout that his pants had mysteriously been mended when he found them on the fence. School begins again and the kids receive more gifts in the knothole, but one morning, Jem discovers the knothole filled with cement. When Jem asks Mr. Radley why he had done so, he is told that the tree is sick. But when Jem asks Atticus about it, Atticus assures him that the tree is perfectly healthy. Jem now understands that Nathan Radley had lied to him, and that the knothole had been sealed in order to prevent any further contact with Boo.

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