What is the summary to Chapters 22 and 23 in "Adam of the Road"?

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Adam stops at the Church at Ewelme in Chapter 22, meets Perkin, and is finally reunited with Nick.  Perkin wants to go on to Oxford, but his father, who is a plowman in Ewelme, needs his help on the farm.  Adam, who needs new clothes and shoes, agrees to work in Perkin's place, and Perkin's mother will help him get new attire.  The toil is hard, but in the evenings Adam shares stories and songs with the family.  It is not long before the neighbors hear of his skill in minstrelsy, and come to listen too.  The cobbler makes Adam a pair of shoes, Perkin's mother makes him a coat, and the miller gives him some bagpipes.

Adam leaves for Oxford in Chapter 23, and finds Perkin at Merton College.  The campus is abuzz with news of the historical beginnings of representation of the common people in Parliament, and amidst all this Adam shares his minstrelsy with the students and spends the night with Perkin.  As he prepares to continue his search for his father in the morning, he is summoned to the Warden's office, and finds Roger waiting there for him.  The Warden offers Adam a place at Merton College, but Adam gracefully declines.  He tells Roger, "I am a minstrel.  I want to be on the road with you", and Roger responds proudly, "You have done well, son".

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