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What is the summary of chapters 20 and 21 in Monkey by Wu Ch'eng-en?

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In Chapter 20 of Monkey, the prince hears from his mother that the king hasn't been himself for the past three years. The Prince returns to the priest Tripitaka and enlists Monkey to retrieve his drowned father. Monkey coerces Pigsy into assisting him. Pigsy collects the King from the Dragon. In Chapter 21, Monkey and Pigsy take the resuscitated King back to Crow-cock to displace, capture and punish the imposter king. They discover that the imposter had been sent there three years ago as retribution for a crime committed by the true king.

In Chapter 20 , during an emotional reunion, the prince's mother confesses that she has for three years wondered about the nature of her husband (his father, the King) who seemed, three years ago, to have suddenly changed so much. Having Tripitaka's story about an imposter king confirmed, the prince returns to him and requests Monkey's assistance in rescuing the true king from his underwater grave. Monkey--who displays his magical powers for the...

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