What is summary of Chapters 13-16 of "Belle Prater's Boy"?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Gypsy, angry because the kids are teasing Woodrow about his eyes, asks Grandpa "what possible difference (it could) make how a person looks if he is a good person" in Chapter 13.  Grandpa agrees that "appearances are...not the genuine self...it's only what's in the heart that counts".  He also tells her that it was her daddy who made her mama promise never to cut Gypsy's beautiful hair.

Gypsy finds Woodrow perusing the personal ads in the Sunday paper in Chapter 14.  They talk about the "place where two different things come together" that fascinated Belle Prater.  Gypsy thinks that Woodrow doesn't quite believe that is where his mother went, because he seems to be "looking for his mother to send him a message through the classified ads".

In Chapter 15, Gypsy and Woodrow serve at Mama's annual garden party.  Through power of suggestion, Woodrow plays a trick on rude Mrs. Cooper.  He tells her he has put rum in her drink, so she begins to think she is drunk, and ends up splashing in an undignified manner in the river.

Since he didn't actually put rum into Mrs. Cooper's drink, Woodrow gets away with his prank, and Gypsy is jealous in Chapter 16.  They argue; Woodrow says he and his mama were saving for him to have an operation on his eyes, and gets angry when Gypsy asks where the money went, and Woodrow asks Gypsy why she is "so mad at Porter".  Later Porter hears Gypsy cussing angrily.  He tells her she is "a fine person in (her) own right", but like her Aunt Belle, she is "mad at the world" because she wants to be someone else.