What is the summary to Chapters 13,14,and 15 in "Adam of the Road"?

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In Chapter 13, Adam arrives at Farnham, only to find that everyone is leaving town to attend the fair at Winchester.  He is befriended by a kind merchant named Daun William, who offers to take Adam to Winchester on his horse.  As they ride through the King's Forest, they are accosted by robbers led by a knight with a guilded leopard on his crest.  Adam escapes, but the robbers kidnap Daun Williams and his servants, and ride away with their goods.

Adam goes to a nearby village to find the bailiff and report the robbery in Chapter 14.  The bailiff recognizes the leopard crest Adam describes as belonging to a knight named de Rideware, and organizes a band to capture him.  Adam leads the way to the scene of the crime, and from there the group follows the trail to Rideware Hall.  There they find the kidnap victims and their wares, and the bailiff goes on in pursuit of the criminals.

In Chapter 15, Adam arrives in Winchester with Daun Williams, who immediately begins to unpack his goods to sell at the festivities.  Adam stays a night at Strangers' Hall, which is run by monks "to lodge poor pilgrims".  Adam searches the inn and the crowds at St. Gile's Fair, but cannot find his father or Nick.  He goes to the shrine of St. Swithin to put down some pennies and to pray for a miracle - that he will "see Roger come striding through the crowd with Nick under his arm".

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