Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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What is a summary of chapters 11-12 of Frindle?    

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Nick had invented the word “frindle” to test the theory that if everyone agreed on the meaning of the word, then it becomes a word.  Mrs. Granger and the school fought the students in this endeavor.  In chapter 11, a writer for The Westfield Gazette was looking for a new, interesting story.  Being a small town, Westfield did not have a lot of exciting news.  She published a story on the front page that read,

“Local 5th grader says, “Move over, Mr. Webster’” (pg 67)

She goes on to explain the war of words, and that Nick Allen was responsible for this event.  The day before, she had received a copy of the fifth grade group picture with all the students holding “frindles.” She included this picture in her article.  The reaction was immediate.  The superintendent contacted the principal, and the principal contacted Mrs. Granger.  Mrs. Chatham says,

“It’ll be a wonder if we don’t all get fired!” (pg 69)

In chapter twelve, Nick has suddenly...

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