What is the summary to Chapters 10, 11, and 12 in Adam of the Road?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While Adam sleeps in Chapter 10, his dog Nick is stolen by Jankin the Minstrel.  Adam and his father Roger search everywhere for Nick, but to no avail.  Roger finds a stable boy who talked to the thief, and the boy tells them Jankin is headed toward Ranmore Common, over the bridge.  Since their horse is lame, Adam and Roger set off on foot to find Nick.  They meet some travelers on the road who tell them that Jankin and the dog are heading for Guildford.

When they get to Guildford in Chapter 11, Adam catches a glimpse of Jankin and the dog, and, without thinking, runs away from his father to pursue them.  Tired from his journey, Adam is unable to keep up, but when he sees that the thief and Nick have jumped on a ferry to cross the river, he leaps into the water and swims after them. 

In Chapter 12, an exhausted Adam, realizing he has now lost both his dog and his father, falls asleep outside the Ferryman's house.  The Ferryman and his wife are kind and care for Adam, and recommend that he return to Guildford, find his father, and return to resume the search for his dog.  Adam complies, and discovers back in Guildford that Roger has spent the night entertaining at the castle, but has now gone on to Farnham, where Adam believes Jankin has gone also.  Adam spends the night with a porter, and sets off for Farnham in the morning.