What is the summary of Chapter 6 in the book "In the Time of the Butterflies? How would you say this most affected Minerva? I have to write an essay for English in school and I'd love it if someone could offer me more information about Ch.6.  I left my book at school so links directly to the chapter from the book would be amazing!

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In Chapter 6, Minerva discovers that her father has a mistress and four other daughters.  She also finds that he has been hiding letters to her from Lio.  When she confronts him, her father defends himself, saying he hid the letters to protect Minerva.  Papa will not talk with his daughter about his infidelity at this point.

Minerva has caught the eye of Trujillo, and she and Papa are invited to be the dictator's guests at the Discovery Day Dance.  Minerva dances with Trujillo, and she tells him of her desire to attend the University as she fends off his advances.  When Trujillo begins acting lewdly, she slaps him.  As a result of her actions, Papa is taken away the next day for questioning.  While Minerva and Mama are in the capital trying to secure his release, Minerva is summoned to be questioned as well.  Minerva is offered a "private conference with El Jefe" as the "most effective way to end all (the) nonsense", but she refuses to do anything against her honor.  Papa is held for three more weeks, and when he is released, his health is ruined.  Minerva meets briefly with Trujillo and boldly reminds him of her dream of attending the University.  Using fixed dice, Trujillo proposes that they toss to see who gets their way - if Trujillo wins, Minerva must sleep with him, and if she wins, she will get to go to the University.  The match ends in a draw, and the rain, which has been coming down relentlessly throughout the chapter, continues to fall, symbolizing the horror which is only just begun.

I think the events in the Chapter most affect Minerva because through them, she discovers a sense of her own power.  Her father has been rendered weak and ineffectual, and she is the strongest one now in the family.  Having dared to challenge Trujillo, Minerva finds that she can be a formidable opponent in their battle of wills.  When the Chapter ends in a draw after their game of dice, she knows that, for now at least, she and the dictator are "even" (Chapter 6). 

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