What is a summary of chapter 8-9 of "Belle Prater's Boy"?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 8, Woodrow enters Coal Station Elementary and is put in Miss Hart's sixth grade class with Gypsy.  He is intelligent and kind, and the children and Miss Hart take to him right away.  Woodrow shares stories and games which his mother taught him, and although he deflects questions about her disappearance by unequivocably stating that he does not want to talk about it, it is evident that he misses his mother terribly, and that the memory of her "worm(s) its way into everything he (says) and (does).  Belle Prater was a wonderfully fun and creative person, and she left evidence of those qualities in the person of her son.

In Chapter 9, Woodrow, Gypsy, Granny, and Grandpa have a discussion that Friday night about beauty, and how it can be bought.  Uncle Everett makes a surprise visit, and Woodrow is "tickled" but reserved.  The group makes small talk, but the meeting is awkward, and Uncle Everett seems somewhat uneasy.  It is evident that Woodrow is hoping that his father has brought news about his mother Belle, but Uncle Everett, sensing Woodrow's unasked question, tells him, "I don't know a bit more about her now than I knew when you left".  When Uncle Everett leaves, Woodrow and Gypsy see a "blond-headed woman" in his car.  Woodrow is upset, because it is obvious that his father has gotten over the loss of Belle and is moving on.