What is the summary of Chapter 8 and 9 of "Adam of the Road"?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Adam, Roger, and Nick set off on the road towards London in Chapter 8.  They are on foot, and Roger is feeling low because he lost Bayard to Jankin playing dice.  When they arrive in London, they stop at the "mighty cathedral of St. Paul's", and Adam, who can read Latin, translates a letter of recommendation given to Roger by Sir Edmund de Lisle.  Roger and Adam stop to eat at a "cook shop", and run into Jankin, who wants to gamble with Roger again, this time for Nick, but Roger refuses.  As they set off on the road again, in a foreshadowing of coming doom, it begins to rain.

In Chapter 9, Roger, Adam, and Nick walk all day in the downpour, and in a further foreshadowing, they see a magpie which is supposed to portend coming sorrow.  Soaked, they spend the night at an inn on Westhumble Lane, where the innkeeper's wife makes a great fuss over them.  Adam talks to an old gaffer, who tells him about his boyhood, and later that evening, Roger and Adam entertain the guests with a story of high adventure on the sea.  Before the tale is done, Jankin comes in.  He has ridden Bayard cruelly, showing off, and now Bayard is lame and Jankin is angry.  Adam goes to bed heavy-hearted at the news about the horse, and falls asleep with Nick at his side.