Please can you give me a summary of Chapter Five of The Cay.

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Chapter Five of this excellent novel concerning racial prejudice and a desperate struggle for survival with the sound of a motor, promising rescue. Hearing an aircraft means of course that Timothy and Philip have not been forgotten, which gives them hope. Timothy sets fire to the home-made torches they have to try and attract the attention of the plain, but all to no avail. Timothy douses the torch and tries to encourage Philip. Philip spends a lot of time under the shelter stroking Stew Cat, and although Timothy thinks cats are not good luck, Philip is glad to have him with them. Timothy tells Philip that there is "just miles 'o blue wattah" out there, but there are fish and birds, one in particular that Timothy calls a Booby. Philip laughs at the name, and the chapter ends on a sombre note as Philip wonders if he will ever see a bird again.

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