What is summary of Chapters 5-9 of Animal Farm by George Orwell?I am reading the book but I find it difficult to summarize those chapters.

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapters 5-9 of Animal Farm, Napoleon begins his control over the other animals.  Snowball proposes the building of a windmill which he thinks will benefit the animals.  Napoleon disagrees, and they argue about the matter.  Napoleon takes on his nine guard dogs, and they run Snowball from the farm.  Later, Napoleon orders the windmill to be built and claims that it was his idea all along.  The animals tirelessly build the windmill, and meanwhile Napoleon begins making deals with the farmers.  Also, he claims that Snowball was a traitor and asks the animals to confess their dealings with Snowball--these animals are promptly killed by the dogs.  Both of these actions are not allowed according to the amendments, but when the animals check, the amendments have been changed to suit Napoleon's current behavior.  Soon after, Boxer falls ill and the pigs tell the other animals that he will be sent to the vet when really the truck is from the slaughterhouse.  So, these chapters detail the upending of the society that the animals have created for themselves.