What is a summary of Chapters 5 and 6 of "The Twenty-One Balloons"?A summary on the whole story would be nice too?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 5, the Professor is awakened by a proper gentleman, Mr. F, who admonishes him to change into the formal attire he is providing, and tells him that he is on the Island of Krakatoa, which the world believes is uninhabited.  In actuality, the citizens have left a fringe of jungle around the beautiful city they have created at the center of the island to preserve the illusion of isolation.  The Professor discovers that, because of its famous volcano, the island is constantly undulating, and that Krakatoa is home to fabulous diamond mines.  Mr. F tells the Professor that, to preserve the secret of the mines, visitors are never allowed to leave.  He assures him however, that as he learns more about the island, he will not want to leave.

In Chapter 6, the Professor learns that the twenty families that inhabit Krakatow have been carefully chosen to make a viable society.  After a period of greed and unrest, the citizens have devised a unique cooperative government based on restaurants - each family is responsible for running a different type of eating place which is open once every twenty days so that the entire population eats out every night at each restaurant on a rotating basis.  Mr. F explains that it is important that the existence of the mines be kept secret, because if word of riches of such magnitude were to get out, it would upset the economic balance of the entire world.