The Twenty-One Balloons by William Pene du Bois

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What is a summary of chapter 4 of The Twenty-One Balloons?

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In Chapter 4 of The Twenty One Balloons, Professor Sherman sets off on his journey.  He admires his final view of San Francisco and notices the excitement generated by his takeoff.  He immediately begins to enjoy his little house, reading on his porch in the sunshine, washing his laundry and dishes in the ocean at the end of a fishing line.  He exercises by walking around on his porch.  Life is good, with the exception of some smelly garbage, which he throws over the side.  He notices some sea gulls, which worry him a bit, but he knows that his balloon has been made to withstand the claws of birds. 

On the fifth day, he sees a small boat and signals it in Morse Code, but it turns out that the boat is manned by Japanese people, who signal back that they cannot understand English. Professor Sherman is not...

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