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What is the summary of Chapter 35 of Contagion by Robin Cook?

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In Chapter 35, Jack hears the approach of Twin's guaranteed "someone to take care of things" right while he is frantically trying to dislodge the heavy cast iron and porcelein kitchen sink from the wall by pressing upward with his legs against his feet lodged under the sink's front edge. As the "someone" walks across the fronch porch, Jack suceeds in getting the sink to crash to the floor, breaking the drain pipe connection and his handcuffed imprisonment at the same time.

Fumbling and fleeing, racing time, Jack dashes out the back door and runs, double low to stay out of sight, to a barn at the rear of the property by a pond. Tearing into the barn, Jack looks for a place of concealment and safety. Finally he finds an old chest that he empties and curls up into, lowering the lid on himself and blocking out the dark barn with the darker chest.

Footsteps enter the barn. Voices are talking about pistols and finding him. In a bizarre comic moment, Jack and the man searching the chest "screech" at each other in surprise when the lid is suddenly lifted. The lid slams shut. When it opens more deliberately a second time, the man says, "It's the doc alright ... he's here in a box." In a surprising moment of unexpected relief, Jack sees his friend Warren instead of his enemy Twin. Warren is the "someone" Twin has sent to "take care of things."

After asking what the two in the house died from, Warren tells Jack that there are a lot of people dying from influenza in New York too. Jack, not keeping his lesson learned very long about not treading in affairs that are not his own, says, "I think you'd better tell me what you've heard."

Warren [said,] "So it's up here too. I heard about it on the news last night. There's a lot of people down in the city all revved up about it."

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