What is a summary of Chapter 2 in To Sir with Love?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here is a summary of Chapter 2:

Having left the headmaster's office, Braithwaite descends the stairs and stops outside the first of the classrooms only to be run into by a tall red-headed girl who quickly says, "Sorry."  Then, he opens this classroom's door and discovers that there is no teacher present.  One of the students asks, "Are you taking Old Hack's place?"  Taking his clue from this question, Braithwaite tells the class that he will check in the staffroom.

When he arrives in the staffroom, Braithwaite encounters some of the faculty. "A large, hairy, cadaverous young man in baggy flannel pants" reclines in an easy chair.

"Ah another lamb to the slaughter--or shall we say black sheep?"

Weston furthers the gloom that he has cast by telling Braithwaite before he leaves, "I'd say you're for it."  After he leaves, Braithwaite meets other faculty members:  Mrs. Grace Dale-Evans. who asks him if he is ex-service, and offers to introduce him to the others after the bell.  In the meantime, Braithwaite surveys the depressing situation of the schoolyard with its rusty fence and  courtyard littered with newspaper, candy wrappers and "great blobs of mucus everywhere," testifying to the heavy colds of the children.

When the teachers turn up, Braithwaite meets Miss Euphemia Phillips, "youngish and mousy."  Mrs. Dale-Evans whispers commentary on each teacher as she introduces them.  Miss Vivienne Clintridge, known as Clinty, is the drama teacher, with a voice "silvery with acceptance."  Then, he meets Gillian Blanchard, a new art teacher, who gives a Freudian interpretation of the efforts of her morning class.  Throughout the conversation with these teachers, Braithwaite wonders why so many express concern that he will stay at the school. 

After the bell, Braithwaite is appalled when Mrs. Dale-Evans tells him that she has to prepare a bath for a girl who has been so unsanitary with her person.  Amidst all this, Braithwaite marvels at the perfect neatness and cleanliness of her Domestic Science Department.