What is the summary to Chapters 2, 3, and 4 in Adam of the Road?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 2, Adam and Perkin go to visit Adam's dog Nick.  It is St. Alban's day, and with all the celebrations at the Abbey no one will notice the boys leaving the grounds, but they are careful not to be noticed because Adam doesn't want anyone to know he has a dog.  Nick is happy to see the boys, and does tricks to get the treats Adam has brought.  Adam tells Perkin that a minstrel's dog must know how to entertain.  He later plays the harp for Dame Malkin, who cares for Nick.  The woman hints to Adam that his father might be coming.

On their way back to the Abbey in Chapter 3, the boys see a group of travelers on the road.  The group includes a magnificent carriage with a little girl in it.  Then, to his delight, Adam sees a Roger, his father, riding a great horse called Bayard.  Adam is reunited with Roger, and will leave the Abbey with him tomorrow.  His only sadness is that he will miss Perkin.

In Chapter 4, Adam goes back on the road with Roger, sitting up behind him on Bayard's back.  Adam meets the French girl in the carriage, and her companion, an unfriendly boy named Hugh.  The girl is Margery, and she and Adam get along well.  Adam and Roger stop by to pick up Nick, who quickly learns to follow along without a leash.  As they travel down the road, Adam's father tells him that the Romans made the road they are traveling hundreds of years ago.  He says "a road's a kind of holy thing...home to a minstrel".