Identify essential points in a summary of chapter 16.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that this particular chapter speaks to the dizzying highs and puzzling lows in terms of Braithwaite's understanding of limits.  On one hand, he experiences the elation in breaking through limits on the bus ride back from the excursions.  He is able to hear the kids engage in serious and profound discourse.  It becomes clear that he has broken through the socially dictated limits that his children face.  As a response, he yearns for those who detract from the school and even those in the position of power to hear what he is hearing.  At the same time, Braithwaite is growing more convinced that his approach is working and in breaking through these limits.  The flip side becomes evident in this chapter when Braithwaite is starting to become more embroiled in the life of the Dares.  Both daughter and mother begin to move into the realm where limits are sorely needed.  Continuing his belief in being able to move past limits, Braithwaite believes he can help mother and daughter, only to find out that he is over his head and more harm than good can come from his visit to the Dare home.  It is here in which Braithwaite realizes that limits are important and that some conditions in modern teaching are better with limits.  If nothing else, Braithwaite realizes in rushing to board a bus with no one seeing him that operating within limits at least offers some structure and understanding in situations that might be devoid of them.