Rabbit Hill Questions and Answers
by Robert Lawson

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What is a summary of Chapter 1 of Rabbit Hill?

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Chapter 1: New Folks Coming

The animals on Rabbit Hill are excited that there will soon be new occupants in the Big House. Little Georgie announces this wonderful news to his parents. His mother, however, is worried that the new inhabitants might disappoint all their hopes. After all, the last tenants were slovenly and didn't do anything to keep the place up, let alone plant a garden. As a consequence, food was hard to come by for the animals. Georgie's father tries to encourage a more optimistic attitude in her; he tells her that he will take a stroll around the neighborhood to ascertain the truth of the matter.

Georgie's father remembers the old days when good tenants occupied the Big House. There was a wonderful garden then, plenty of food for all the animals, plus seed and chicken feed in the tool-shed for all the field mice. Unfortunately, the good occupants were replaced by shiftless, slovenly tenants who did not plant a garden...

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