What is the summary of Chapter 1 in Lyddie?

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Chapter 1 of this great novel starts with a very intense sequence. We are introduced to Lyddie stirring a pot of oatmeal over the fire, and we are also told that Charlie left the door to their house open. This allowed a bear to enter the cabin. Lyddie quickly takes charge of the situation and gets everybody present into the loft in order to seek some protection against the hungry bear. The bear rummages around the room and eventually gets burned by the boiling oatmeal. The bear makes its way out of the house, and the children are so relieved that they begin laughing. Unfortunately, Lyddie's mother doesn't think it is any laughing matter. Lyddie's mother is convinced that the bear is a sign of the end times. She tells the family that they are going to leave the next day "to be with the faithful when the end comes."

Lyddie and Charlie refuse to leave with their mother and the rest of the kids. They decide to stay and tend to the house and surrounding land through the winter. Part of...

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