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In Chapter 1, the reader gets their first introduction to the main character.  The origin of Pooh bear's name is evident, as well as the introduction to Christopher Robin and some of the other characters in the 100 Acre Wood.  The conflict with which Pooh bear must struggle with in the first chapter is the presence of the "buzzing sound" that he hears.  This presence means that bees are near, and with bees comes the bane of Pooh's existence in honey.  Pooh Bear reflects and contemplates different situations in which he can obtain their honey.  One of the involves him pretending that he is a rain cloud, and this plan requires Christopher Robin's participation in saying, "Tut, tut- it looks like rain."  Our introduction to Pooh is one where we are aware that he is "a bear of very little brain."  At the same time, we understand Pooh as one who is quite surface in how he sees reality.  The emotional depth and complexity of Pooh bear is not quite as evident in this chapter.  At the same time, it becomes essential and important to note that some of the side characters are brought out in this chapter, with more to come in subsequent chapters.

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