What is the summary for Carver: A Life in Poems?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An interesting title for a biography of George Washington Carver, Carver: A Life in Poems is responsible for revealing the depth of character that we may not expect as readers.

Of course, this biography begins with George Washington Carver's early life in slavery.  George Washington Carver was born in the mid 1800s when the United States (and certainly the state of Missouri) was still in the midst of slavery.  George Washington Carver was raised by his white, childless owners.  After the Civil War and the slaves' emancipation, he left home in order to get educated.  George Washington Carver ended up with both a bachelors degree and a masters degree.

Around the turn of the century, George Washington Carver's life changed again when Booker T. Washington approached George Washington Carver and asked him to begin a department at Tuskegee Institute.  This became a labor of love for George Washington Carver, as he worked to help impoverished, emancipated African Americans to gain land in order to farm.  The main crux of his work was in encouraging crops that actually nourished the land (such as peanuts, cowpeas, and potatoes). 

Considered a botanist and inventor and professor by trade, George Washington Carver was considered an artist and musician and mentor by hobby.  Both balanced and well rounded, George Washington Carver was a lot deeper than we were taught in our high school textbooks.

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