What is the summary for Carry On, Jeeves?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Carry on, Jeeves! by P. G. Wodehouse is a comic novel concerning  the amiable but weak-willed and bumbling Bertie Wooster and his fellow members of the Drones Club,  all young men who have inherited enough money so that they have no real need to work.

This novel introduces the reader to Jeeves, a hyperbolic portrait of the perfect English butler, all-knowing, unflappable, and able to extricate Bertie and his equally dim-witted friends from all manner of misadventures. 

Structurally, the novel has an episodic structure, following Bertie and his friends through a series of romantic misadventures. Bertie in particular is infatuated with and engaged to Florence. Florence demands that Bertie steal the manuscript of a book by his Uncle Willoughby which draws an unflattering portrait of Florence's father. Despite Jeeves' success in this endeavor, Florence breaks off the engagement. 

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