What is a summary of Cache Lake Country: Life in the North Woods by John J. Rowlands?

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Tamara K. H. eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cache Lake Country: Life in the North Woods is author John J. Rowland's memoir of his experiences living for one year by a nameless lake he dubbed Lake Cache in Northern Maine, called "North Country" by the locals.

John discovered the lake, which is barely marked on maps, while surveying land in the region for the timber company he was employed with and instantly felt drawn to it, though he had already seen "maybe a thousand northern lakes," because it reminded him of his "boyhood dreams!" (p. 12). As he describes, he and a friend used to go camping near a millpond and pretend they were camping by a "lake in the far northern wilderness" (p. 12). So, when his timber company asked if he would set up a camp at the lake, he eagerly said yes. Soon, John built a cabin and settled in the area.

Throughout the book, he details reuniting with old friend, Chief Tibeash, whom John and his father had met when they first moved to the North Country, and meeting a wildlife artist who also moved to the area. He also describes in many details the various animals and types of weather he encounters. He even gives his readers tips on how to live off the land, such as how to make canoes, moccasins, canoes, and stoves, plus tips on hunting, fishing, and foraging.

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