What is the summary for Broken Angels?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Set in the near future of the 2600s, this book is all about inter-planetary politics and the end of death as we know it (because consciousness can now be preserved and "reloaded" into another body).

We learn about these interesting futuristic ideas through the story of Takeshi Kovacs.  Very much a "take care of myself" kind of person, Takeshi Kovacs nixed the UN, tried different careers, and tried different "bodies."  Takeshi Kovacs' newest venture is as a treasure seeker.  To find the treasure of this alien civilization, however, Takeshi Kovacs and his fellow vigilantes have to tread through radiation and bio-hazards, and other unknown alien horrors.  However, since even his instinct is engineered to be honed and since he has a cloned twin as well, Takeshi Kovacs seems to be ready for the worst of it.

In conclusion, we must remember that there is so much of loyalty and sabotage involved, it is almost hard to pinpoint where Takeshi Kovacs might go from here; however, at the end of the novel, Takeshi Kovacs has salvaged what is left of his team and is on the way to the Latimer System for the next adventure.

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