what is summary of Break,Break,Break

scorpio37 | Student

U answered urself!!

harshkejriwal101 | Student

This short poem has been composed by Alfred Tennyson. It is an expression of his personal grief. But it is more than an individual cry of pain and despair. He has presented as a universal characteristic of our world. He has drawn a picture of permanent and lasting images in contrast with temporariness of human life.

It clearly shows that man passes away so quickly but the scene of nature remains the same. In this poem the poet mourns the death of a dear friend who will never come back. He depicts the picture of sea and its waves constantly striking against cold gray stones. He also draws the image of fisher man's boy singing in his boat or at play with his sister and the grand ships coming to the harbour. He believes that these images are more abiding than the Life of a man.

The poet thinks that these things remain unchanged. The world continues to be busy and beautiful, but the happy moments of one's life never stay. Human life changes from childhood to youth, then to old age and finally embraces death. As man grows old the sweet memories of his life become a part of the vanished past. Thus, between past and present man suffers and complains.

The poet is missing his lost friend while standing on the sea bank. He expresses his sorrow that he will never feel the soft touch of that hand and will never hear that voice again. On the fact, the poem looks sad and depressing. But the grief is set against things which are permanent