What is the summary for Born at Midnight?

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Born at Midnight is the first novel in the Shadow Falls series by C.C. Hunter. Born at Midnight features the protagonist Kylie Galen, a young high school girl who gets sent off to a camp for problem kids by her mother after getting caught at a party. In the beginning, Kylie is less than thrilled about her current situation: leaving her family, her best friend, and the fact that she's always felt like an outsider doesn't help her. 

Almost immediately, Kylie realizes that the camp her mother sent her off to for the summer is the typical kind of camp that one would suspect it to be. Behind the facade of a camp for problem kids, Kylie finds that she is less an outsider than she thought. The others with whom she soon begins friendships include werewolves, vampires, witches, shape shifters, and so on. 

Between finding herself in the middle of a love triangle with a werewolf and a fea, a boy who can communicate with animals, and discovering her own abilities, Kylie begins to find herself feeling more normal than she ever did before. As Kylie begins to embrace camp life with her new identity and friends, Kylie's life isn't always filled with fun and happiness. For one thing, Kylie keeps seeing ghosts who seemingly want something from her, but don't talk. Kylie and the others at the camp can't quite figure out exactly what Kylie's special talents are. She's not a werewolf, a vampire, a shape shifter, or a fea...she certainly has some special abilities, but she can't figure out what they are. 

As Kylie wrestles with her identity, her love interests, family crises, and the like, there's a bigger problem at hand. The possible end of camp at Shadow Falls is being threatened by an outside agency, which prompts Kylie and her friends to begin snooping around wherever they can to figure out what secrets and mysteries are waiting to be uncovered.  As the plot thickens and the the campers race to save the camp, Kylie finally begins to learn a little more about herself. She is finally beginning to understand her mother, who her father was, who the ghosts she was seeing were, and what her special abilities were—and what having this special gift could cost her. 

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