What is the summary for Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza Book by Gloria E. Anzaldúa?

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The author in this book, Gloria E. Anzaldua, writes to properly illustrate the meaning of being a "Mestiza." In order to define this for her readers, Gloria examines herself, her homeland, and her language as a daughter of a Spanish American and an American Indian. The "borderlands" that are discussed in the book refer to Mexico and the United States (Texas). In addition, Gloria also refers to other "borderlands," more specifically, sexual and spiritual borderlands. 

The book is not only written in English, and not only written in Spanish, but a combination of both. This is the way Gloria chose to show how frustrating life can be when one is confused about language and who they are as a person.

Gloria discusses her homeland, her own migration away from where she lived and the culture she was leaving behind, the folk-Catholic heritage, the power struggle between men and women, speaking "Spanglish," race, and ethnicity. All of these things mixed into an autobiographical and historical book.

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