What is a summary of the book Season of Anomy?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Season of Anomy by Wole Soyinka tells the story of a country torn between Western influence and African traditions. Aiyeru, a coastal community of the country, is portrayed as the custodian of the country's traditions, while the rest of the towns and cities have grown to fully accept modernization.

Organizations in the modern cities view Aiyeru as a region ripe for exploitation, and the National Cocoa Corporation sends Ofeyi, one of their officers, to conduct reconnaissance on the land. However, after Ofeyi interacts with the environment and the people he is convinced that Aiyeru has a role to play in the country’s restoration of traditional ideals. His opinion and ideas resonate well with the leaders of the community who place the responsibility of organizing the revolution on him.

He works together with Ahime, the chief minister, to organize the revolution which degenerates into a full armed conflict, turning the country into a war-zone. Although Ofeyi does not actively engage in armed conflict, he is considered highly dangerous and is hunted down by the cartel, which views him as the brains behind the revolution. A member of the cartel abducts Ofeyi’s lover but she is later rescued by Ofeyi, Ahime and Demakin, the community’s assassin. They also temporarily lose the battle with the cartel and strategically retreat back to Aiyeru.

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