What is the summary for the book "Morning Star of the Reformation" by Andy Thomson?

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The book "Morning Star of the Reformation" by Andy Thomson is a great book and very easy to read. The book is roughly 130 pages and takes place in medieval England. The main character in the book, John Wycliffe is a risk-taker and jeopardizes his life in attempt to convert the Bible into English. Wycliffe enters a world of privilege and high intellectual activity when he arrives at Oxford University in England. Wycliffe befriends a young man named Sebastian Ayleton while attending Oxford. After multiple attempts of persecution against John, he ends up contracting a "pestilence," which is similar to the Bubonic Plague. After many meetings at one of John's favorite places, known as the Kicking Pony, John shares his vision of translating the Bible into an English version for all Englishmen to read. John Wycliffe is alone in many of his ideas, but his views are very bright and bring a lot of promise to a very dark period in England's history.

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