Cinder Questions and Answers
by Marissa Meyer

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What is the summary of the book Cinder?

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Hello! You asked for a summary of the novel Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Cinder is the first volume in the Lunar Chronicles Series. It is a science-fiction Cinderella story, complete with an evil step-mother as well as two step-sisters.

The story starts out by introducing us to the main protagonist of the story: Linh Cinder. Cinder is a sixteen year old cyborg (a being with both organic and mechanical parts) who is the best mechanic in New Beijing, Eastern Commonwealth. She has a booth in the marketplace in New Beijing where she works with her android (a robot which resembles a human), Iko. Cinder currently lives with her step-mother, Linh Adri, and her two step-sisters, Peony and Pearl.

It's great being a cyborg: Cinder's body is equipped with a scanner which is linked to a net database. This means her internal computer can download personal information about anyone she meets. When Prince Kaito comes in to have his android, Nainsi, repaired, Cinder knows who he is before he even introduces...

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