What is a summary of the book called Knots on a Counting Rope?

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It is a story of a story being told.  A young Native American boy named "Boy Strength of Blue Horses" asks his grandfather to retell the story of who the boy is. The young boy has heard the story so many times and remembers most of it, so both actually share in the telling of the story.

The story begins with the birth of the boy, who was born blind. It is mixed with ancient traditions and myths.  At first the baby was weak and there was chance he would die but the grandfather tells of two great blue horses that the baby communicated with and that gave him the strength to be a great man.

Both boy and grandfather share the telling of the story of the boy's youth (there is an amazing part of the book where the grandfather teaches the boy to picture blue in his mind), including the boy receiving a newborn colt, which he named "Rainbow" and training him to run and to race by learning to pay attention to the horse's reaction to the trail and counting the horse's gallops. The boy goes on to race in a great race and although he does not win, he learns to trust himself and Rainbow.

The grandfather tells of how the boy has learned to run through the darkness, to see with his heart instead of his eyes, and to be part of all that surrounds him.

The end of the story is the grandfather adding a knot to a counting rope and telling the boy that once the counting rope is full of knots he will know the story of his life and no one will need to tell him.

It's a great short book.

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