What is a summary of Piers Anthony's novel Blue Adept?

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Blue Adept, the second novel in Piers Anthony's science fiction/fantasy "Apprentice Adept series," features the character named Stile, a very "small but fit man" who exists in two frames, or worlds, called Phaze and Proton. In Phaze, Stile is a ruler known as the Blue Adept, whereas in Proton, he is a serf trying to gain citizenship in a Tourney, which is essentially a tournament.

The novel opens in Phaze with Clip, Stile's best friend and also a unicorn, returning to the castle bringing news. Part of the news is that "the Stallion is pleased to summon Neysa the Mare this season to be bred" (p. 2). Thinking that Neysa would be happy to have her own foal at last, Stile is surprised to learn that Neysa does not want to leave the castle for breeding season because she feels her departure would leave Stile unguarded and vulnerable to attack from the Red Adept, his enemy who killed his predecessor, the first Blue Adept. Stile sends word to the Stallion asking permission for Neysa to remain with him for this breeding season.

However, the Stallion does not bend so easily to Stile's will and challenges Stile to compete in the Unolympics for Neysa's loyalty. Stile is also protected by Hulk, who journeys to the Oracle to ask how Stile can win in the Unolympics against the Stallion. The Oracle informs Hulk that Stile can only win by acquiring the Platinum Flute from the Platinum Elves who dwell in the Purple Mountains. Meanwhile, Stile must travel back to Proton to win the first round of the Tourney.

When Stile returns to Phaze, he, Neysa, and the first Blue Adept's wife, Lady Blue, journey to find the Platinum Elves in the Purple Mountains, who grant Stile permission to use the Platinum Flute so long as he first kills a destructive dragon and finds the "foreordained savior of Phaze" of whom it is written will "make [the elves'] mountains tremble" when the flute is played well enough.

Regardless of obtaining the flute, Stile still fails to win against the Stallion in the Unolympics. Nevertheless, the Stallion still grants Neysa permission to remain with Stile because the Stallion admires Stile's lack of pride.  

Other adventures in the novel concern Stile winning rounds 2 through 12 in the Tourney in Proton and discovering that Hulk has been killed by a serf of the Red Adept during the Unolympics. When he battles Clef in Round 6 of the Tourney, Stile also figures out that Clef is the elves' "foreordained savior of Phaze" and sends Clef to Phaze. Finally, Lady Blue confesses her love for Stile and they marry; then, Neysa and Stile journey to confront the Red Adept in Round 12 of the Tourney. Stile manages to win against the Red Adept by having her disqualified.

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