What is the summary for Blood Test?

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an amazing novel about psychology, cancer, cults, and homicide.

Told from the first-person point of view of Dr. Delaware, a child psychologist, we learn that five-year-old Woody is in great danger. He has leukemia, is in the hospital, and his parents don't want him to have the chemotherapy needed to save his life. The parents are convinced that holistic medicine is the only way. In fact, they steal the child out of the hospital. The only evidence in the nasty hotel room is the ominously large blood stain on the floor. 

At this point, Dr. Delaware teams up with a homicide detective to crack the case. (In the meantime, the reader learns all about Dr. Delaware's other visits to court as a prominent psychologist.) The two are led to a strange underground world in the worst part of town. The people here live in a commune that allows massive orgies and collectively evil religious practices okay by the cult called "The Touch." 

In conclusion, the cult finds nothing to be off limits. Woody's parents are already dead. The cult is the reason why the little boy was in danger.

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