What is the summary for Blind Alley?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am guessing that your question is about the fifth Eve Duncan novel. Of course, there are other novels available called Blind Alley. If your question refers to a different novel, please repost the question.

Here, Johanson has written another psychological thriller about Eve Duncan. As you may know, Eve Duncan is a forensic sculptor. This means that she draws the faces of undentifiable dead bodies. This helps catch killers and also helps comfort their families. Eve Duncan has just seen another victim, and is asked to inspect the skull.

As Eve continues her forensic work, she finds out that the skull belongs to someone she knows. The amazing thing is, this person isn't dead yet. In fact, the killer has sent her a strange kind of vendetta message. It is about the next person that he is about to kill.

It turns out that Eve owns a lake house with another detective named Quinn. They have adopted a daughter named Jane. The killer plans to kill one of them. Eve's life is destroyed. She begins to doubt everyone she trusts, and puts her own life in serious jeopardy; however, she eventually solves the case.

In conclusion, Eve's job goes on as a forensic sculptor.

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