What is the summary for Black Wind?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

 Although there are a few novels called "Dark Wind," I am assuming you mean the fairly new Cussler novel. As we can learn just from the cover, Black Wind is a Dirk Pitt novel. Here, Cussler writes another Dirk Pitt novel, with a stress on adventure, but the interesting thing about this one is that while Pitt passes his baton to Pitt Jr., the actual author of Cussler begins writing with his own son in order to carry on the series.

This time Dirk Pitt is battling against an industrialist in South Korea (named Kang) who is really a spy for North Korea, vowing to unify under the communist regime.  In the meantime, there are many battles at sea, many weapons (called "chimeras") unleashed, and many rockets launched. Kang wants to take out the American troops so the North can invade the south. To do this, he concocts quite a grand scheme: unleash a deadly biological weapon on California and blame it on Japan.  

While all this is happening, Dirk Jr. and Summer are saved from drowning and even saved from being cooked alive inside a submarine engulfed in flames. 

in conclusion, we can say that that's not lens and some fiery suspense. Dirt jr. grasb Kang as he tries to make the getaway on his yacht. Just as they are about to go overboard, love he yacht explodes. Something should tell the reader that the villain Kang will never be seen again while Dirk jr. will survive to see many more adventures. 

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