What is the summary for Black House?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is the sequel to The Talisman that is part of the famous Dark Tower series by the horror writer Stephen King.  

The plot is quite suspenseful. There is a serial killer on the loose in a small town of Wisconsin. He is dubbed "The Fisherman" because he copies an earlier serial killer named Albert Fish. This killer preys on children with a focus of eating parts of the victims. At the beginning of the story, two victims have already been discovered, and another one is about to be.

Jack Sawyer is now a proud member of the police department in California, and has tried to forget all of his adventures searching for the talisman when he was 12 years old. It is when the murders happening in Wisconsin are connected with a few murders in the LA area in California that the policeman Jack Sawyer is called to Wisconsin to find the culprit. Jack Sawyer ends up loving the area so much, due to his repressed memories earlier in his life, that he retires from the police department in California and moves to Wisconsin.

At first, Jack simply refuses to help figure out the story behind the new murders in Wisconsin. However, after the fourth child is killed, he can no longer ignore the murders. The murders bring up all of Jack's repressed memories, and he realizes the latest child is the only "Breaker" that the "Crimson King" might need to rule the "Dark Tower" and destroy the world.

It is precicely the "Black House" that Jack realizes is a kind of door to an alternate universe. That is where the fourth victim is supposedly stashed. Jack teams up with some bikers to investigate. Upon entering the alternate universe, it turns out that Tyler, the supposed victim, killed the murderer. Unfortunately, Jack is shot on his way back through the Black House.

shmindle | Student

Black House is a horror novel by Stephen King and Peter Straub, and is a sequel preceded by The Talisman.  In French Landing, Wisconsin, murders of children are occurring by a serial killer known as "the fisherman". Dale Gilbertson is a policeman and investigator of these murders.  Because the murders are so complex, he brings in his friend and former detective Jack Gilbert who reluctantly agrees due to his belief in his mental instability. A fourth victim named Tyler Marshall is taken by the Fisherman. Together, Dale, Jack, and members of a biker gang whom the detectives have teamed up, enter the Black house where Tyler supposedly is. The Black house leads to another universe. Inside, the team learns that Tyler has killed the Fisherman, who is actually an agent for the Crimson King who wants to destroy all the worlds. The team returns to their world, but Jack is shot along the way. He is brought back to his world by a friend from the alternate universe.

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