What is the summary for Black Cross?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Black Cross by Greg Iles is an action novel set in World War II. Its protagonist is an American pacifist, Mark McConnell, who is a doctor and chemical engineer specializing in nerve chemical/biological weapons and who is working for the duration of the war in Oxford, England. His sidekick is Jonas Stern, a Jewish refugee. They are assigned a mission by British Brigadier Duff Smith against a German prisoner camp, Totenhausen, where two powerful nerve gases, Sarin and Soman, are being produced. Their highly improbable mission is to use Britain's own supply of Sarin to kill everyone in the camp, inmates included. It turns out, by some odd coincidence, that Jonas' father Avram is being held at the camp. Mark and Jonas work with Avram and a few other prisoners to successfully save many of the inmates and destroy the camp. After Mark dies in an accident, his grandson narrates the story.

shmindle | Student

Black Cross is a novel written by Greg Iles that follows doctor and chemical engineer Mark McConnell during World War II. Mark is on a mission to Germany to steal samples of toxic gas, and to destroy the rest of this gas which is used for the killing of prisoners in the concentration camps. Also on this mission with Mark is Jewish refugee Jonas Stern. Together, they train for this mission. Meanwhile, Avram, Jonas's father, is held at a German camp, Totenhausen. In this camp, there happens to be a traitor who is leaking information. Brigadier Smith receives this information, thus sending Mark and Jonas on their mission. The traitors are revealed to be Anna and Ariel. Jonas and Mark soon realize that they have been lied to about their mission by Brigadier Smith. Jonas also discovers that his father was one of the prisoners in Totenhausen, which he was assigned to destroy. Mark and Jonas come up with a new plan, and the camp is destroyed. Mark returns to the US, but dies in a helicopter accident. Mark's grandson lives to tell the tale of his grandfather and his death.

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