What is the summary for A Bite to Remember?

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Lynsay Sands -- A Biography

Author Lynsay Sands is a Canadian, born in Leamington, Ontario. Destined from childhood to be a writer, Lynsay submitted her first manuscript, sending it to Harlequin Enterprises, publishers of mass market romance novels, between graduating high school and entering college. Lynsay got what Harlequin refers to as "the call" in which an editor asked her for a rewrite and for manuscripts of anything else she'd written. Making the novice's mistake of thinking this was a rejection (it was truly the first step in negotiating a publishing deal), she entered the University of Windsor. After taking a degree in psychology (the better to plot characters with), she submitted her second manuscript, and, in 1997, Dorcester published her first full success, The Deed.

Since The Deed, she has written forty novels, which includes anthologies, and has had at least two novels on the New York Times Best Seller list starting with The Immortal Who Loved Me, while Immortal Ever After was on both the New York Times and the USA Today Best Seller lists. Lynsay writes in several humorous romance genres: historical, contemporary and paranormal. She is of the opinion that interjecting humor into her novels is central to her mission of distracting and entertaining her readers so that the stress and strain of life is lessened now and then. She is also an advocate of fits of outright laughter, as is apparent in her historical romances. The Argeneau vampire series is more a showcase of her witty, ironic and charmingly humorous side as she tracks the lives of a vampire family, the Argeneaus. The family includes Vincent, a Los Angeles stage production magnate who is the victim, vampire and hero of A Bite to Remember.

A Bite to Remember -- A Summary

Vincent Argeneau is awakened from a deep sleep at 2 p.m. in the afternoon, Los Angeles time. He had fallen asleep on his home-office sofa to ensure that he would not miss his cousin's call. Since the call from Cousin Bastien was coming from New York, their schedules would be out of sync, although both were immortals, also known as vampires.

Vincent owns a stage production company in Los Angeles. It has been the target of strange events that make Vincent believe a saboteur is intentionally ruining his business, destroying his property, wrecking his theatrical productions and--possibly--about to murder someone, perhaps him. Vincent turned to Bastien in hopes he might help with finding the saboteur and save Vincent's company and, possibly, someone's life.

Bastien has had much use for private investigators over the years and sends the best one he can recommend: Jackie Morrisey, a mortal and a woman. Jackie's father began the detective agency and accepted work from immortals. Consequently, Jackie was exposed to immortals from an early age and has continued her father's practice since taking over the business after his death. Jackie dislikes immortals, especially after having a sour personal experience with one, but is willing to work for them, particularly if someone's life is in danger.

Vincent is a peculiar type of modern day immortal. Having inherited a genetic predisposition from his father, he, like his father, must kill to feed while other immortals can live off of purchased "bagged blood." Bastien is trying to find a cure for Vincent so that he doesn't have to hunt to feed anymore.

To complicate matters, Bastien's mother, Vincent's Aunt Marguerite, decides Vincent is lonely and depressed because he has not yet--in all the long years since his birth in 1592--met his life mate. She comes out from New York at the same time as Jackie does to take over Vincent's life for him and get him sorted out. Some reason arises to think that the sabotage and threats are not real, but Aunt Marguerite changes her mind, believes the reality of the threats and, at the same time, identifies Vincent's life mate for him.

The first thing that Jackie does is to fortify Vincent's house because, since he has temporarily shut down his productions (or mostly all) and his production company, the next likely target for the saboteur will be Vincent's home. With a live-in detective, and her assistant, Tiny McGraw, just settling in with acquiring a well stocked mortal style kitchen, Vincent learns from his production assistant that the lead to the production scheduled to open that night has walked away from it. This is the first foreshadowing of the later revelation of who the saboteur is.

Since Vincent's father has to kill to feed, as does Vincent, there is a string of victim's in his wake. Among these is an immortal named William, who had unsavory sexual proclivities. Nonetheless, William did have a life mate, so when Vincent's father killed the immortal William, his life mate vowed revenge. In time, she became Vincent's production assistant, a position from which she could put her plan of revenge in motion. After mounting tragedies, Jackie and Vincent begin working closely together to discover the person, or persons, responsible. As a result, Jackie has a run-in with the male immortal saboteur, who has a knife to kill Vincent with. In the struggle that ensues, Jackie bites his arm, inadvertently "turning" herself into an immortal by swallowing the saboteur's blood.

After this, Jackie is kidnapped, and Vincent's female immortal production assistant is discovered to be the person behind all the attacks. Her deep, abiding desire to wreak vengeance for William's death brought destruction to innocent people, yet it also brought Vincent his life mate in the person of Jackie Morisey, who learned to embrace the immortal life she unintentionally opted for while saving Vincent's life.

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