What is the summary for A Bend in the Road?

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A Bend in the Road by Nicolas Sparks is the story of Miles and Sarah. Miles is the sheriff of New Bern, North Carolina. He and his wife, Missy, and young son Jonah, live a pretty happy life. One day Missy asks Miles to do some things around the house, and instead of doing them, Miles goes out for a while. When he returns home, Missy tells him she needs to go out for a run and clear her head. Missy is killed in a hit and run accident and Miles' life is turned upside down. Miles goes down a dark path wanting revenge on whoever it was that killed his wife. He is determined to bring this person to justice. During this time Miles has neglected Jonah. Miles finds out that Jonah is having trouble in school, so Miles goes to discuss this with his teacher. Miles meets Sarah, Jonah's teacher, and the two work together to help Jonah. During this time, Miles and Sarah become closer and start to date. Miles' need for revenge is suppressed as his relationship with Sarah is growing.

When a break in the case comes about, Miles and Sarah's relationship is put to the test. Sarah's brother, Brian, is actually the one who hit and killed Missy. When Miles finds this out his need for revenge once again rears its head. Sarah and Miles have to fight their way through this tragic event, but Miles is angry at Sarah, thinking she knew about the accident all along. As the story comes to an end, we see that love is powerful and forgiveness is the answer. 

A Bend in the Road is a story about loss, love, revenge and finally redemption. This book shows how revenge and hatred can consume a person. Miles almost lets his need for revenge destroy his life, yet we are shown the power of love. Love and forgiveness are the things that save Miles in the end.

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