What is the summary for "The Badge of Policeman O'Roon" by O' Henry?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In O'Henry's story "The Badge of Policeman O'Roon," two friends help one another out. O'Roon and Remson are two friends who ride with the Gentle Riders, a group of men who ride horses together while camping from site to site.

Remson is a ten millionaire. His money and influence are just two aspects of his character. He is a true friend to O'Roon. When O'Roon needs a job, Remson comes to his rescue. O'Roon is specific in his request for a job opportunity. O'Roon desires to be a police officer who rides through the city and park keeping order. Remson uses his influence to get O'Roon the job.

Remson also comes to O'Roon's assistance when O'Roon has had too much to drink. While Remson takes O'Roon's police badge and pretends to be O'Roon, he protects O'Roon's job while O'Roon sleeps off his drunkeness. During Remson's time of being a police officer, Remson has to save the carriage that has a team of runaway horses. Remson, who is pretending to be O'Roon, rushes to save the carriage that has runaway. Remson saves the runaway team by reaching out and using his strength to pull the reins to a stop.

Remson is a hero who acts as O'Roon. He is pretending to be O'Roon so O'Roon gets the credit for saving the older gentleman and lady aboard the runaway carriage. Coincidentally, the lady is one that Remson had met before. In fact, he has fallen in love with her upon first sight.

When Remson goes to check on O'Roon later, O'Roon declares the truth to Remson. The older gentleman and young lady are his acquaintances. The older gentleman is O'Roon's govenor. The young lady is O'Roon's sister. No doubt, O'Roon has been found out about his drunken absenteeism and now he will have to turn in his badge as he resigns from the police force.

Remson is the lucky one for O'Roon's sister Angela wants to meet Remson.

lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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