What is the summary for Arrows of the Queen?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey is the first novel in a trilogy centered around the character of Talia, a young girl living in the Kingdom of Valdemar. This imaginary kingdom is led by a young, widowed Queen Selenay. In this kingdom, quasi-divine magical white horses called Companions select Heralds to assist the reigning monarch. The Companions are telepathic and have other magical powers.

Talia is a young girl living in an unusually misogynistic and backward part of the kingdom. When she is selected for her training as a Herald by one of the magical white horses, she escapes from one sort of oppression, but encounters prejudice at court due to her poor, unsophisticated rural background. The main plot of the novel revolves around the coming of age of Talia, and her development as a more secure and mature character who eventually gains the respect of her peers and superiors due to her moral goodness and strength of character. 

shmindle | Student

Arrows of the Queen is a novel by Mercedes Lackey. In this book, the main character is a young woman named Talia. In a community where women play very small roles, it is astounding that Talia wants to read and write. Talia runs away when she is told to marry, but is found by Rolan. Rolan is a Companion, or a horse-like creature. Rolan chooses Talia to be a Herald, which is a messenger of the Queen. Even in her new position, Talia struggles to adjust to her new life. First of all, Talia's life is out in danger when people in the Kingdom do not want her to succeed. In one particular instance, Talia is thrown into a river. Talia learns that she has a special Gift of Empathy. Later on, Talia discovers that the Queen's daughter, princess Elspeth's maid Hulda, has been purposely making Talia into a brat so that she will never become a Herald. Under Talia, Elspeth becomes worthy of inheriting the throne. Near the end of the book, Talia learns how to use her Gift. Talia helps the Queen to get rid of terrorists. Talia finally feels like she belongs.

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