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If you are looking for a story full of battle-action, Armor is truly for you. It is a story all about Felix, an "Earth Soldier" who is encased (trapped?) in special armor around his body in order to protect him from almost anything. Further, it is about what Felix learns during his fight.

The description of the armor itself is quite remarkable. The science fiction enemy of the book is a large group of aliens who are part insect, anti-human, and genetically engineered to kill people. These insect-like aliens are especially adept at destroying a person's mind because the armor often doesn't allow them to destroy the body. Felix has some internal help with this mind control (as do his fellow "Earth Soldiers").  However, there are quite a few battle situations that tempt them to surrender all.

The two characters of focus are Felix and Jack Crow, a totally different "soldier" who is really a space pirate and ex-con. One part of the story is told in the third person about Felix, but the other half is told in the first person by Jack Crow. (I consider this a truly different way to focus perspective in a novel.) This change in perspective is really important once we learn about both characters and how they are connected.

It is the sequences about space combat that really make this book. Felix again and again forges ahead, into crowds of these insect-like aliens, and always manages to survive, even in hand to hand combat! It is a really cool combination of both science fiction and military fiction. Here is a spoiler: the humans win. Why? Because genetically engineered insect aliens are no match for the spirit that is truly human!

It is safe to conclude, then, that the moral of the story is that the human spirit is the most powerful of armors!

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