What is the summary for Armageddon: The Cosmic Battle of the Ages by Jerry B. Jenkins and co-author Tim LaHaye?

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Jerry B. Jenkins - A Biography

Jerry B. Jenkins has forty years of writing to his credit. He early began writing biographies, and his works include the life stories of such notables as evangelist Billy Graham, baseball legend Hank Aaron and singer and Christian convert B.J. Thomas. Jenkins' motto is that if writing is too much fun, it's not being done rightly, but "words well crafted can affect people's lives." Jenkins was asked by evangelist Tim LaHaye to write the books in the Left Behind series that dramatizes the End Times as depicted in the Revelations of John, the last book in the New Testament. Jenkins has written over 150 books and received numerous awards. He recently founded the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild to mentor aspiring writers.

Tim LaHaye - A Biography

Christian evangelist and pastor, Tim Lahaye has written over fifty books including the Left Behind series of books co-authored with Jerry B. Jenkins. Lahaye has political convictions that led him to found the Christian political action group the Moral Majority comprised of members who are conservative fundamentalist Christians. A graduate of Bob Jones University and a veteran of the U.S. military, Lahaye has held Baptist pastorates in South Carolina, Minnesota and, most recently, California.

Armageddon: The Cosmic Battle of the Ages - A Summary

The Prologue orients Armageddon, the eleventh book in the Left Behind series, in relation to The Remnant, the tenth book. Chang is devising a plan to escape New Babylon when an opportunity suddenly presents itself because a plague has fallen from the fifth Bowl Judgement: "The the fifth angel poured out his bowl ... full of darkness and [gnawing] because of the pain." (Revelations 16:10-11).

Captain Rayford Steele, piloting a jet to rescue Chang, can see that the blackness of the fifth bowl envelopes only New Babylon, headquarters of anti-Christian leaders, Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia and Director Akbar. In an atmosphere in which Christian safe houses have become unsafe, the debilitation of New Babylon seems a great relief. Those who missed the Rapture, then became Christian because of it, have survived for some years and are anticipating the rapidly approaching second coming of Jesus Christ.

There are great clashes between the Christian forces of light and the Anitchrist's forces of darkness. Each representative of light or darkness is identified by the seal of Christ's mark or of the Antichrist's mark. In these clashes, Chloe is captured, but the Tribulation Force (a force of light) is convinced that it will be futile to mount a rescue.

Rayford is still at Petra, the city that is divinely protected by God's power. In a Carpathian air strike against him as he pilots a helicopter, Rayford is shot down as he is defending Petra against Nicolae Carpathia's assault. Rayford lays on the ground in the wreckage of his helicopter praying that God will hasten the second coming.

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