What is a summary of Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz?

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Tamara K. H. eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ark Angel, the sixth book in British Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider series, opens with teenage MI6 spy protagonist Alex Rider recovering in a hospital after having survived being shot by a sniper in the preceding book, Scorpia.

While in the hospital, Alex meets Paul Drevin, the son of Nikolie Drevin, a multi-billionaire from Russia. Paul is in the hospital room next door to Alex's, regaining strength from an appendectomy, while Alex is regaining strength from having been shot. One night, feeling in need of fresh air, Alex wanders down to the lobby to ask his friend the night guard permission to walk outside, but instead he finds the guard has been killed by four men bearing firearms, who plan to kidnap Paul. Alex rushes to protect the defenseless Paul by suggesting they swap rooms; Alex then pretends to be Paul and conquers all four. But while in the lobby calling the police, Alex realizes, as he feels a gentle breeze from the doors opening, that "five men had been assigned the job," not just four; too late, he is hit over the head by the driver and taken hostage in Paul's place (p. 42-43).

Once Alex escapes his kidnappers, he further learns the attackers had been members of Force Three, an environmental terrorist organization. Upon learning of Alex's kidnapping, the Drevins invite Alex to stay with them in London while he recuperates from the attack. There are even plans afoot to visit New York City and the Caribbean with the Drevins.

Upon arrival in New York, Alex is approached by CIA agents, who warn Alex of Drevin's criminal activity and enlist Alex to spy on Drevin from the inside. The CIA is particularly concerned about Drevin's plans on his private island in the Caribbean. On the island, Alex learns Drevin plans to launch a bomb on a rocket that will blow up the space station; the space station will then crash into the Pentagon. He further learns that Drevin is actually the mastermind of Force Three, and he plans to place the blame of the explosion on Force Three.

Alex escapes the island in time to warn the CIA and returns with the CIA to try to prevent the launch but fails. While Drevin escapes aboard a seaplane, Alex must climb on board the rocket, combat the aid sent to activate the bomb, deactivate the bomb, and escape via capsule that falls into the ocean off the coast of Australia.

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