What is the summary for Annie on My Mind?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a beautiful young adult novel, and a love story with a twist:  it is between two beautiful women.  It was an absolute shocker in that it first came out in the early 80s, but is a wonderful story of friendship that grows into a gorgeous new kind of love. 

The narrator is Liza who attends a private high school and is absolutely squashed under a dictator-like principal.  Liza has a loving family.  Annie does, too.  The two girls finally see each other (and are attracted to each other) at a museum in New York City.  Liza and Annie become friends almost immediately.  Later, the two young women discover their relationship holds more than friendship.  Liza and Annie initially decide to hide their relationship just because it is "easier" for themselves, their friends, and their families. 

Things change, however, when Liza and Annie head over to the home of two teachers (two female teachers who are lovers, mind you).  In that house, they feel the freedom they need to explore this new-found love.  Of course, they get "caught," and this begins both a revelation and a transformation of everyone in their lives.  Liza and Annie decide that, no matter what, they will be loyal to each other and express their real feelings.

In conclusion, one can imagine how much this book has been censored.  Still, it remains a beautiful story, and one that has helped many young teen women discover that they are not alone.

shmindle | Student

Annie On My Mind is a novel by Nancy Garden that follows the homosexual relationship between two 17 year old girls, Liza and Annie. Liza Winthrop and Annie Kenyon meet at a museum in New York, and they quickly become friends. Liza is the school president, but is suspended after she fails to report a student-run ear-piercing business. During this time, Liza and Annie are able to meet and deepen their relationship with each other. Annie tells Liza that she is a homosexual, and Liza realizes that she is in love with Annie. During spring break, Liza volunteers to feed two of her female teachers' cats. Every day, Annie meets Liza at the house and the two discover that Liza's teachers are in a relationship. A faculty member ends up discovering Liza and Annie together in the house, and Liza is forced to reveal her sexuality. Liza is almost expelled, but instead the two teachers are fired. However, the teachers are glad because they planned on retiring soon anyway. Due to Liza's guilt, the two separate as college approaches. At the very end, Liza calls Annie at college, and they decided to meet up.

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