What is the summary for Angels Flight?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Angels Flight is Connelly's sixth Harry Bosch novel, so he is quite adept, by now, at police thrillers.  This new novel is no exception.
In the continued plight of Harry Bosch, he is woken up suddenly and assigned to a new murder case.  It seems that Howard Elias, a big-wig defense attorney (and African-American at that) has been killed.  Overwhelmed by the LAPD and the IAD, Harry Bosch (as usual) tries to break up the fray.  It seems that Howard Elias had just decided to take a case that would shake the LAPD and was shamelessly gunned down while in transit.  Harry Bosch spends most of the book questioning many of the LAPD possible suspects, but Bosch is troubled by other things as well.  The riots of the past haunt him.  The LA media won't leave him alone.  The attention threatens to tear his family, friends, and colleagues apart!  Not only are things not going well at home, but some of his closest colleagues on the job (such as former partner, Frank Sheehan) are implicated in the case!  By working closely with some of his past enemies, Harry Bosch gets to the bottom of it, racial tension and all! 

In conclusion, it should be noted that although Harry Bosch solves the case, there is intense anger and racism found here.  It is one of Connelly's darkest mystery novels so far.

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