What is the summary for Angelfall?

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Susan Ee - A Biography

Susan Ee keeps her private life to herself. Her publisher is Skycape of Amazon Publishing, and they help her keep her biographical information on the lean side. We do know that, before becoming an author, Susan Ee put her law degree to use. The northern Bay Area of San Francisco is her natural habitat and the setting for her debut novel, Angelfall. A Tabby cat is featured in her Angelfall blog, and she often drives on Interstate 80 in California, a drive that takes her past the Penryn Road exit sign, a sign that became the source of her protagonist's name. Turning from writing legal briefs to writing science fiction "allows her imagination to bust out and go feral."

Angelfall - A Summary

The final battle of the world, the Apocalypse, has come, and angels of both spheres--the godly angels of the heavenly sphere and the rebel angels of the fallen sphere--battle on and around Earth. Gangs have overwhelmed the cities. Citizens have hidden or fled to the wildernesses. Danger throbs from every doorway and around every corner. Dripping with blood in the daytime, danger rests unpredictably at night.

Penryn, her mentally unstable mother and her wheelchair-bound little sister Paige have hidden but now, having hidden too long and in mortal danger of being discovered by the rival gangs, choose one nighttime to make an escape from their city condominium building. The plan is to run for the hills east of town. As they make their escape, the opposing angels Raffe (for Raphael) and the rebel Beliel do battle. Beliel is victorious. Raffe is fallen, his wings cut off by Beliel.

Paige has been kidnapped by Beliel's forces. Their mother has wildly fled, unable to stick to their planned rendezvous in the event of separation. Penryn, now alone, finds Raffe lying in the street. She nurses him back to health. Together they fight their way to the heart of San Francisco so that Penryn can rescue Paige and so that Rafe, healed but wingless, can have his angel wings reattached.

Tragedy accompanies success. When finding Paige, Penryn discovers that she has been made into an automaton, without independent will of her own. Raffe is tricked by the angel Laylah. Instead of reattaching his own wings, Laylah attaches Uriel's (the rebel angel leader) wings to him instead while giving Raffe's pure wings to Uriel. Reuniting with her mother, Penryn takes Paige and their mother and they go off on their own way, while Raffe flies off alone on the rebel's wings.

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