What is the summary for Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm afraid I would consider Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel one of those best-seller novels where romance kind of ruins everything.  Not a positive ride, although a "maximum ride" as the play on the title (and the series) suggests.

Angel is one of the Maximum Ride series novels, and this one is mostly about best friends.  Maximum Ride, ... usually known as "Max Ride" has always been a fugitive, and so have her friends, so living an unconventional life on the fringe is no departure from the norm.  However, now there is some kind of strange, dead force that is sweeping the world.  Max Ride is longing for her soul mate, Fang.  (They have found each other in a previous book of the series.)  Max Ride and her friends need Fang more than every before, but he is no where to be found. 

The friends find out soon that Fang has left to create his own "better" gang of fugitives (without Max Ride and her friends).  In the Maximum Ride series, these "gangs" are called "flocks."  Max Ride is disgusted and yet empowered.  She bonds with Dylan over these feelings, and Dylan joins her in a coupe in Paris.  Dylan and Max plan to overthrow Fang and his new gang/flock. 

The ending is both sad and emotional for Max Ride.  Most readers are pretty disgusted that Max has switched her allegiance from Fang to Dylan (in that Dylan is a pretty sad copy of a Edward-eque Twilight-type character).  Still, there is a really interesting bombing scene in the fray of Paris, and the relationship between a new set of characters (Gasman and Angel) is quite intense and satisfying.

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