What is a summary of "An Episode of War" by Stephen Crane?

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"An Episode of War" by Stephen Crane exemplifies the author's Naturalistic beliefs as there is a certain detachment in the narration, an impersonal tone, and a sense of the indifference of the universe to human life.  

The narrative of Crane's story begins benignly enough as a young lieutenant sits placidly dividing the rations of coffee for his soldiers and, Crane writes with subtle satire, is "on the verge of a great triumph in mathematics." Then, suddenly, the lieutenant is a victim of an arbitrary fate as a stray bullet lands in the lieutenant's arm.

Reacting to this attack upon his person, the lieutenant grabs his sword with his left hand, but holds it awkwardly and is even unable to place it back into its sheath. The orderly-sergeant respectfully takes the sword and gently replaces it into the scabbard. He leans backward, afraid to touch the officer "lest he hurl him at once into the dim, grey unknown."

Holding his wounded arm with his other hand, the lieutenant begins his trek to...

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